How to verify the purity of Honey

June 4, 2007

How to verify the purity of Honey

Fake and impure honeys have become commonplace in the market today, despite many people’s preference for 100% bees’ honey. The problem with this is, unfortunately, fake and impure honey can be passed off as pure very easily. When viewed on the shelf, it is very hard to pick out what is pure, and what is not. There are, however, a few ways to figure this out.
Check the label. You would be amazed at how many people neglect to look closely at the label of food products before buying them, and then are dismayed to find they bought something they really didn’t want. Check around the brand name, and the ingredients list (if there is one) for a mention of additives. The company should be required to list them if you are shopping in certain countries. If there are no mentions of additives, buy the honey.
Taste the honey. If it seems off, and yet the label claims it is pure, there are a few simple tests you can run to check the purity of the honey.

o The dissolving test.

* Get a glass of water. This and a tablespoon of honey are all you need for the first test.

* Empty the honey into the water. If the honey is impure, it will dissolve in the water- the most common additive to honey is syrup of jaggery, which dissolves. If it is pure, the honey will stick together and sink as a solid lump to the bottom of the glass.

* This test can also be completed by mixing equal parts honey and methylated spirits (denatured alcohol). Pure honey will settle to the bottom. Impure honey is more likely to remain dissolved and make the solution milky.

o The flame test.

* Get a lighter and a candle with a cotton wick. This test is better if you don’t have as much honey to spare.

* Dip the cotton wick of the candle into a bit of the honey, and shake off the excess.

* Attempt to light the wick. If it burns, then it is completely pure honey. If it refuses to burn, then the presence of water is not allowing the wick to burn. (If there is only a very small amount of honey on the wick, though, it might still burn. It will produce a crackling sound, and it would be best to blow out the wick and try it again this time using more honey.)

o The absorption test.

* Pour a few drops of honey on blotting paper and observe whether or not it is absorbed. If it’s absorbed, the honey’s not pure.

* If you don’t have blotting paper, pour a little bit of honey on a white cloth, then wash the cloth. If there is any stain left by the honey, it is probably not pure.

o The spiral test when pouring

* When poured very slowly honey will flow as a spiral in a clockwise direction. This is because the honey molecule is non-symmetrical with a right-hand bias which causes the stream of honey to spin.


8 Responses to “How to verify the purity of Honey”

  1. Lisa said

    What about genuinely pure honey? RAW honey…non filtered, unheated…straight from the hive?

  2. Yud said

    How about:
    – Pure honey has around -3 Celcius freezing point so it will not freeze in the chiller (bottom compartment of your fridge)
    – Pure honey has a layer of tiny white bubbles on top or around the edge of the container
    – Pure honey might have some impurities in it like dust particles
    – Get a Certified Organic Raw Honey like USDA or NASAA certification if you are in Australia

    Note: pure honey = non-heated, unfiltered and GMO-free

  3. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that forum who told me to visit your blog 🙂

  4. mansoorhabib said

    I don’t sell honey sorry

  5. joe said

    here in borneo the idigenous people use ants to tell the difference and show the difference when they bring in their natural honey collected in the jungles, to sell. ants are attracted to the high sugar of fake honey and seem to largely ignore the natural stuff. the other way to tell here is, the natural honey can not be bargained for. they simply sell you at a fair price, the fake stuff always seems to be ‘negotiable’

  6. Steve said

    Have you actually come across a “fake” or impure honey? If so, I would love to know which one(s) are fake or not 100% bees honey.

  7. Jack said

    One of the best way to justify honey is put it in the freezer (-15°C to -16°C) and let it for 72 hours . Pure honey doesn’t inducate sluggish and freeze . Take it out from freezer and coundown 10 seconds then tilt it upside down . It will be able to flow like liquid .

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